Pollen is considered a “super food”

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We all know that bees bring us the gold liquid goodness called honey. But do you know that the tiny dusts of bee pollen is also extremely beneficial?

Pollen is the male seed of flowers. Bee pollen is obtained from the legs of honeybees. As honeybees gather nectar from flowers, the pollen gets stuck on their legs and transported back to the hives of the bees. Beekeepers would set traps to collect the pollen as it drops off from the bees.

Bee Pollen is said to contain the most completely nourishing food that humans need. It contains 55% carbohydrates, 30% protein, and vitamins B, C, D, E, F and K. Minerals include iron, copper, magnesium, zinc, sodium and many more are also found in pollen. Because of its benefits, Bee Pollen is part of many traditional remedies and tonic.

Research has shown that bee pollen has antibacterial properties. This could reduce the development of harmful bacteria and have good effects on the composition of blood. It is also said to aid the recovery from chronic illness and alleviates the symptoms of radiation therapy in cancer patients. Bee pollen in food results in the production of higher antibodies. This would build up the immune system for fighting cancer and infectious illnesses such as flu.

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In order for pollen to be effective against hay fever and allergies, it must be consumed at least six weeks before the season begins. This remedy should be continued throughout the season. Hence, it is recommended that one consume bee pollen consistently to build your immunity against allergic reactions.

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Besides being superior in nutrition, bee pollen literally helps one to be superb in physical strength. The British Royal Society reported height increases in adults who take bee pollen regularly. Athletes that take pollen food supplements have also shown improvements in their performance. This contributes to an increase in stamina and endurance. Steroids and other medication are no longer needed for one to perform.

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If you are worried that this superfood may contain high calories, rest assured that this is the superfood that will not threaten your weight. Pollen corrects the chemical imbalance in the body metabolism that is responsible for weight gain or loss. It stimulates the metabolism and helps to produce Lecithin- a substance that helps to get rid of fats. Because of its rich nutrients, bee pollen eliminates food cravings. This helps you to stay and feel full for a longer period of time.

This superfood is not only beneficial for the inside but helps you to glow outside as well. Consuming pollen daily helps to prevent premature ageing and promotes the growth of new skin tissues. It reduces wrinkles and dehydration, allowing the skin to look healthier, younger and more radiant. Pollen also has a great effect on acne-troubled skin, as its antibiotic properties rejuvenate and brightens up skin complexion.